Access Forums

The vision for outdoor access in East Ayrshire:"A series of well planned, co-ordinated and used path networks which will provide connections between communities, meet social needs and health needs of communities, realise the area's tourism potential, promote more sustainable transport choices, support economic and environmental regeneration"

The Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003 states that each Local Authority area should establish a body known as a local access forum.

In response to this requirement we set out a strategy for outdoor access, established a core forum group and six local action groups who are consulted and involved with any outdoor access proposals. Our Access Forum is made up of a group of representatives with different interests in access who meet to discuss how best to develop, manage and promote access locally.

Each forum differs slightly in its membership and aims and objectives, however their broad purpose is to help various users and access providers talk to and understand each other and agree how to develop and manage access together.

Our Access Strategy is currently under review and will be available soon.

Cycle Forum

Are you a keen cyclist, and/or you have an interest in the promotion of cycling? Then the East Ayrshire Cycle Forum is for you. Established on a cold, wet night last December, the forum has gone from strength to strength. We now have more than 40 members, with an average turnout of 20 at our quarterly meetings. Of course, you don’t have to attend to have your say. Just get in touch on 01563 554738 or  e-mail and help shape the future of cycling in East Ayrshire.